From time to time we will post newsworthy items affecting the Veteran community within the items below.
The NSW State President, Frank Cole, will comment on news and his column is updated regularly.

Current News contains articles of interest and highlight particular areas of concern for veterans welfare.

We post Reunions and Notices of interest to veterans looking to catch up with lost mates.

In our Information section you can find news of our Outreach Program and the Federation Newsletter.

Please note that we often share material from our National Affiliate, The Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia Inc.

NSW PRESIDENT NEWS:      Click here to read, or download and print a '.pdf' document now for each topic listed

State President Message

What the government won't fix

National President Submission to Senate

CURRENT NEWS:                    Click here to read, or download and print a '.pdf' document now for each topic listed

Behind the Scenes - Agent Orange Story

In the Matter of Agent Orange - Honest History Version

Insecticide and toxins Deceit

What GP's should know about veterans

REUNIONS & NOTICES:          Click here to read, or download and print a '.pdf' document now for 'Reunions & Notices' 

INFORMATION:                         Click here to read, or download and print a '.pdf' document now for each topic listed

Our Outreach Program

The Federation Newsletter

The aim of our "Newsletter" is to bring relevant news of veteran community concerns and issues to our membership. It is not unusual that each issue will bring with it some form of debate over exactly what successive governments and the DVA, as well as the RMA, are trying to get away with when it comes to the responsibility of veteran care in this country. Even after our lengthy battle for victims of 'Agent Orange defects and disabilities' , including our offspring, we still find injustices being committed by all parties of government and the Department of Veterans Affairs, (DVA).

Full copies of current issues may be available from Granville head office or our sub-branches, however you will automatically receive each issue when you become a member of our association, and anyone is welcome to join subject to acceptance by Committee at State Branch/Sub-Branch level.

You can review an abridged version of recent issues by clicking on the relevant months Icon below. For info or requests for earlier issues contact the Editor.


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